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De Koekfabriek en World Forum The Hague

Partnership between De Koekfabriek and World Forum The Hague is first step towards opening an establishment in The Hague

Tue 20/02/2018 - 13:52

De Koekfabriek, a bakery with several shops across the Netherlands, and World Forum The Hague have entered into a partnership. The bakery will be supplying all cookies and biscuits sold by World Forum The Hague. In addition to being fresh and delicious, the baked goods supplied by De Koekfabriek also have a social component, as they are produced by disadvantaged job seekers.

The Utrecht-based hospitality entrepreneurs who founded the De Koekfabriek bakery back in 2013 have been committed ever since to creating financially rewarding jobs for various categories of disadvantaged job seekers. This may include people with learning disabilities and asylum seekers in possession of work permits, as well as people with autism, formerly homeless people and Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs). Working in conjunction with the local healthcare partner, De Koekfabriek attempts to identify applicants’ potential rather than focusing on their limitations. While for some employees the work represents a challenging and meaningful daily activity, for others it’s a way to learn new skills and gain practical work experience, making it a valuable stepping stone toward gainful employment.

Michiel Middendorf, General Manager of World Forum The Hague: ‘Our new partnership with De Koekfabriek dovetails perfectly with our organisation’s objective of giving back to the community. World Forum The Hague has maintained an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy for many years, both in the Netherlands and internationally, and this initiative allows us to create a direct social impact.’

Kristel de Krijger, Project Manager at De Koekfabriek: ‘We are very proud of this new partnership. We intend to open ten new De Koekfabriek shops, in addition to our current shops, in other parts of the Netherlands over the next three years. This partnership agreement with World Forum The Hague is a first step towards opening a shop in The Hague.’

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