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Corporate Social Responsibilty

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of World Forum The Hague’s business operations. A special CSR taskforce has been established together with employees in our Marketing & Communications, Project Management and Building Management departments. They convene once a month to discuss the various projects and developments in this area.

World Forum The Hague’s CSR policy is divided into three programmes: ‘Think Green’, ‘Think People’ and ‘Think Local’. Various initiatives are developed as part of each of these programmes.

In line with our values of dedication, experience and personal attention, World Forum has a Sustainability Policy download it here.  Interested in the sustainability report? Send an email to: 

World Forum The Hague has been in possession of the Golden Green Key for nine years. The Green Key is the international eco-label for companies in the tourism and recreation sector. It proves that World Forum is dedicated to minimize its strain on the environment. See for more information