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World Forum The Hague Theater

Accessibility Theater

Route description by Public Transport
World Forum is easily accessible by public transport. Within walking distance are various tram stops.

From The Hague Central Station (CS):
Take tram no. 16 direction Statenkwartier. You get off at the Johan de Wittlaan stop.

From The Hague Hollands Spoor (HS):
Take tram no. 1 direction Scheveningen Noorderstrand. You get off at the World Forum (Noord) stop.
Attention: As of Monday, 27 August Tram 1 will operate its regular route to the Gravenstraat stop and then reverse its direction to its starting point at Delft Tanthof. HTM will use substitute buses between the Kneuterdijk and Zwarte Pad. More information can be found at

Plan your journey to World Forum Theater:

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Route description by car

World Forum is centrally located in the Randstad and easily accessible by car, you can park your car at the parking garage of World Forum

> Please check this website for updates regarding roadworks in The Hague.

How to reach World Forum by car?
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