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The Hague Accessibility


The Hague is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. It is located in one of the best regions in Europe with easy access to two international airports and train stations. Furthermore, The Hague has an outstanding and sustainable system of public transport, which makes it easy to find your way around the city. Trams and buses are extremely efficient and punctual, making sure that all delegates will get to their meetings on time.

While the entire public transport network functions remarkably well, an alternative worth considering is walking to your destination within the town. A stroll through one of the sunniest Dutch cities, whether it is alongside the coast or next to the beautiful historic buildings in the centre of The Hague, should definitely be taken into consideration.

Transport within the city
The city of The Hague has a longstanding policy in place aligned with its ambition to convert the city into a low-traffic, green and liveable city.The main means of transportation for the Dutch are by public transport or by bicycle. Traffic congestion is relatively low and if it occurs, this may happen before towards the end of business hours of working days.

Getting about by foot is easy. The Hague, from the very centre all the way to the beach, can be traversed in under an hour, while over one 
third of the city is covered with greenery. The presence of all these factors ensures that a stroll in the fresh air is always an option.

Public Transport
The Hague boasts an excellent public transport system. Over 30 bus and tram lines will quickly and safely take you and your delegates to your destinations in and around The Hague. For instance, it takes you 10-15 minutes to get from The Hague Central Station to World 
Forum. World Forum is accessible by public transport from all hotels in The Hague. Most of the hotels are on walking distance of World Forum.

Congress Card
The public transportation company HTM avails of a specialised Congress Card. With this card, delegates are able to ride on all trams and 
busses in The Hague area during the conference period. This card will be printed with the name of the congress and the date it holds valid. 
Furthermore, a city plan detailing the various travel networks will be provided alongside the card. A true advantage for the foreign visitor is 
the fact that there is no need to check in and out every time he or she enters the public transport system, thus facilitating a quicker, more efficient process, which proves valuable especially if delegates are in a rush.